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Glass & Windows Installation-Model SPT299

2018-10-26 16:58:17
By using vacuum glass handlers hung from the hook block or installed on a searcher hook, glass can be installed where required even just beneath the roof. Another popular application for mini spider cranes in indoor, confined spaces, narrow spaces, and narrow pathway places. 

This SPT299 Crane buyer is in located in Canada, called Adrian, he is the boss of windows installation company, rich experience in this industry and knows very well about different brands of spider cranes. 
While it only takes 5 days since we receive inquiry from Adrian to we receive his payment of spider crane.

Just as Adrian said, he love SPT crane at first sight, and after comparison functions and prices with other suppliers, SPT is the best Choice. 

Now, Adrian is very satisfied with the SPT299 Crane working performance. 

Making construction work easier is the aim of SPT Crane Company. 

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spider crane SPT299 working in Canada
 SPT299 Spider Crane Working in Canada
spt299 mini crane in Canada