SPT 399

Spider Crane

Max Loading Capacity
Working radius
13.65 m×0.20 Ton
Ground lifting height
14.5mX0.85 Ton
Underground lifting height
16M×2Ton(4 fall)
32M×1Ton(2 fall)
64M×1Ton(1 fall)
 Ⅰ. Moment Limiter
It provides the operator with lifting data including: boom length, boom angle, working radius, working height, rated lifting weight, etc. for operator reference; measuring cylinder pressure, boom length and angle by sensor, in the moment limiter host perform calculations and comparisons, and simultaneously display the boom length and angle, hook height, working range, actual lifting weight and rated lifting weight to the operator of the crane through the display to the operator of the crane when approaching the safety boundary. An audible and visual alarm is issued, and when the boundary condition is reached, the crane electronic control system is cut off to perform the component action, and combined with the outrigger detecting device, the hoisting weight data table is automatically switched.

Ⅱ. Over hoist alarm and Three-winding alarm
When the hook is hung up or the arm is extended outward, the hook automatically collides with the height hammer, and the system automatically cuts off the oil circuit and alerts you to prevent danger.
When the wire rope is lowered until the last three laps remain on the reel, the system automatically cuts off the oil circuit and alerts you to prevent danger.

Ⅲ. Walking/Outrigger/Boom three-mode interlock system

Through the combination of electric and hydraulic control, the operating system is divided into walking mode, outrigger mode, and boom mode to prevent mishandling of the outriggers and walking in the boom mode; prevent mishandling of the boom and walking in the outrigger mode; prevent mishandling of the outrigger and boom in the walking mode.

Ⅳ. Boom Homing Lock
Only when the boom is in position, the outriggers can be retracted to prevent mishandling of the outriggers and cause rollover.
SPT899 spider crane safety function
Ⅴ. Outrigger Position Detector Device
The maximum position and non-maximum position of the outriggers are detected by the outrigger position detecting sensor, and the lifting performance chart is automatically switched by the controller, thereby avoiding the change of the outrigger position, and the lifting performance chart is not changed.

Ⅵ. Automatic Hook Stow
Prevent the hook from colliding with the person or the device itself during the walking or transportation of the device. Tighten the hook by controlling the current pressure of the hydraulic system.

Ⅶ. Outrigger off Ground (or crane body 3-degree inclination)Alarm and Automatic Stop Device
When the outrigger is removed from the ground by the sensor, the controller analyzes the data and cooperates with the crane electronic control system to cut off the execution of the component. It can only move in the safe direction (hook) to avoid rollover.

Ⅷ. EMO Switch
In an emergency, press the EMO switch to extinguish the engine or motor to avoid more serious accidents.

Ⅸ. Gradienter 
When unfolding the outriggers, observe the level of the crane body; and observe the inclination of the crane body when lifting.

Ⅹ. Remote control lamp
This light illuminates when the remote control is in operation to alert the operator to the remote mode.
SPT899 spider crane safety function

Ⅺ . Integrated information control and feedback system
The voice broadcast system reminds the operator of the current operation mode and avoids mis-operations;
The screen system information shows that the device status is more directly reflected to the operator.
Total rated load Outriggers at Maximum position(4fall)
Total rated load Outriggers at any other position(4fall)
Model SPT399
Capacity 4t×2m
Working radius 13.65m×0.20t
Ground lifting height 14.5mX0.85t
Underground lifting height 16mX2t(4 fall)  32mX1t(2 fall)  64mX1t(1 fall)


Winch device Hook speed 0-12m/min (4 fall)
Rope type

Φ8mm×73m(Minimum breaking force 60.6KN 2160N/mm²)

Telescopic system Boom form 5 section boom, hexagonal box construction
Boom length/Time 3.54m-12.3m/25sec
Up and downs Boom angle/Time 0-80°/14.5sec
Slew system Slew angle/Speed 0-360°(continuous)/30sec
Outrigger Outrigger active form Manual+Hydraulic
Maximum extended dimensions (mm)


4580(Length)X4380(Front)X 4450(Back)
Traction system Walking way Hydraulic motor drive、2 speed
Walking speed 0-3km/ h
Grade ability 20°(36%)


Ground length×width 1750mm×300 mm
Ground pressure 42.8kpa(0.437 kgf/cm²)
Electric motor Voltage AC380V(Optional)
Power/Speed 5.5kw/1440 min-1
Sound level Rated speed ≤60dB(A) (1m)



Diesel engine



Model 3TNV80(YANMAR)


Type/Displacement 3 cylinder water cooled/1.266L
Rated output 14.6kw/2400 min-1
Starting method Electric


Operating temperature


Fuel/Volume Diesel/40L
Battery capacity 12v 45AH
Specific fuel consumption 272g/kW-h
Sound Level Rated speed ≤83.5dB(A)  (1m)


Applied regulation EPA-Tier4
Operate system


Type of operation (crane, walk, leg、accelerator)

Wireless remote control and Dual axis joystick controller

Operating characteristic Full proportional control and Proportional joystick control
Dimension Length×Width×Height 4350mm×1400mm×1800mm

(Without optional equipment)

Standard equipment Diesel engine and motor (Dual power)、Proportional joystick control and wireless proportional remote (Dual operation mode) 、Intelligent display screen、Moment limiter、Over hoist alarm and automatic stop device、Three-winding alarm and automatic stop device、Automatic hook stow、Outrigger position detector device、Outrigger off ground (or crane body 3-degree inclination)alarm and automatic stop device、Slinging rope detachment protector、EMO switch、Three color lamp、Remote control lamp、Voice prompt、Walking/Outrigger/Boom three-mode interlock system、Data records
Optional equipment Searcher hook(0.7t) 、Fly jib(0.8t)、Single fall hook、Outrigger Pads、Man basket
4.00/6.50 boom 9.00 boom 11.50 boom 14.00 boom
Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


<2.00 4.00 <2.70 2.27 <4.00 1.08 <4.50 0.85
2.20 3.50 3.00 2.12 4.50 0.98 5.00 0.75
2.50 3.20 3.50 1.98 5.00 0.92 5.50 0.65
3.00 2.65 4.00 1.68 5.50 0.88 6.00 0.59
3.50 2.10 4.50 1.35 6.00 0.85 6.50 0.52
4.00 1.91 5.00 1.26 6.50 0.82 7.00 0.48
4.50 1.71 5.50 1.11 7.00 0.77 8.00 0.43
5.00 1.49 6.00 0.95 7.50 0.72 9.00 0.37
6.00 1.25 7.00 0.85 8.00 0.65 10.00 0.32
6.15 1.16 8.00 0.73 9.00 0.57 11.00 0.30



8.65 0.63 10.00 0.50 12.00 0.28





11.15 0.40 13.00 0.25







13.65 0.20
4.00/6.50 boom 9.00 boom 11.50 boom 14.00 boom
Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


Working radius(m)


Total rated load(t)


<2.00 4.00 <2.70 2.27 <4.00 1.06 <4.50 0.78
2.20 3.50 3.00 2.09 4.50 0.95 5.00 0.65
2.50 2.95 3.50 1.68 5.00 0.86 5.50 0.57
3.00 2.35 4.00 1.37 5.50 0.77 6.00 0.50
3.50 1.80 4.50 1.12 6.00 0.68 6.50 0.45
4.00 1.43 5.00 0.91 6.50 0.60 7.00 0.41
4.50 1.14 5.50 0.79 7.00 0.53 8.00 0.36
5.00 0.95 6.00 0.67 7.50 0.42 9.00 0.32
6.00 0.76 7.00 0.51 8.00 0.34 10.00 0.25
6.15 0.72 8.00 0.43 9.00 0.30 11.00 0.22



8.65 0.32 10.00 0.28 12.00 0.20





11.15 0.25 13.00 0.18







13.65 0.15